Need to Request an Evaluation?

Do you need to ask for an initial evaluation or an independent evaluation. Here is a template to help you write one.

Modifications or Supplementary Aids for General and Special Education Classrooms

Did you ever think to yourself, "What are all my options available to my child"?  Well here is an extensive list of modifications or supplementary aids that you can ask for in a general and special education classroom.

Do You Know Your Rights?

Here is a list of your basic rights as a parent in the IEP process. 

How to Make an IEP Binder

Get organized and prepared for your child's next IEP meeting. Here are some tips to help you!

What if I have a complaint? What Does "Due Process" mean?

Unfortunately there are times when we cannot come to an agreement with our child study team. Here is a guide to help you understand your options and next steps.

10 Defusing Phrases for IEP meetings

We know that at IEP meetings, emotions can run high. Here are some defusing phrases you can use when you and your child study team come to a disagreement.

What is the difference between an IEP and a 504 plan?

Did you ever wondered what is the difference between an IEP and a 504 plan?  Here is a quick and easy chart to help you understand the main differences.

What Parents Should Know About Restraint and Seclusion

Be in the know! January 15, 2018 New Jersey passed a law stating children of special needs who are in immediate danger to themselves or others can be restrained and/or secluded. Click here to understand the new Restraint and Seclusion Law.  

Learn step by step how to set up your Power School parent portal so you can view your child's progress report.

Behavior Intervention Plan: Social and Emotional Compentcies

Click here for guidance on IEP social and emotional competency goals.

What Should I Ask at My Child's IEP Meeting?

Click to see a IEP meeting checklist for parents. 

West Orange 7 page Audit Summary

Click here for a simplified version of the Special Services Audit.

Take Me Home Program

Do you worry about your child wondering off?  The WO Police Department has launched a Take Me Home program. The program can help find someone who has run, wandered or just walked away from a location within the township and ease in their safe return. This program is helpful for people who are nonverbal or easily disoriented. This includes those who suffer from Autism, Dementia, Deafness, Alzheimer’s and other developmental disabilities. It is strictly voluntary and not limited by age or disability. Click below for more information

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